Logan Symson’s Efforts Peak at Year’s End

Pantry coordinator Maureen shared this story of a high school student’s hard work and commitment to NEEDS:

“Logan Symson first contacted NEEDS in January 2022, asking if she could launch a monthly Foodshare program in her Amberley neighborhood to benefit the NEEDS pantry. She was a high school junior looking for a way to serve her neighbors in need. Her program started small, but has grown into a strong and steady support for the pantry.

At first, Logan relied on her neighbors to decide what to contribute. But her marketing grew more savvy and she soon asked each month for a list of our most needed items. As her junior year moved into her senior year, she involved her sister Hannah in her efforts — ensuring that when she herself left for college her efforts to support NEEDS would not end.

Logan really knocked it out of the park with her December 2023 delivery, which included so many of the things the pantry needed most. While her Foodshare program is an ongoing support, Logan is living proof to all of our NEEDS volunteers that members of the younger generation are willing and able to continue our own efforts. Thank you, Logan!”

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