Month: March 2024

The Piggest Raffle Ever!

Want to support NEEDS – and win cash? The Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon’s Piggest Raffle Ever is the perfect opportunity!

Simply visit, choose NEEDS as your charity to support, and select the number of tickets (or “pigs”) you’d like to purchase. Each ticket is $5, and 100% of proceeds go directly to NEEDS.

On May 5, the grand prize winner will receive $5000 – with an additional $5000 awarded to their charity!

February Impact

February was another busy month for NEEDS. The pantry provided food to nearly 200 families, and there was a large increase in requests for emergency financial assistance.

Here are the latest numbers:

During the month of February, the NEEDS pantry provided food to 194 families – for a total of 666 people!

NEEDS also provided emergency financial assistance to 15 families, distributing $5500.00 to cover housing and utilities.

To learn more about how you can help our neighbors in need, visit 

United Women of Faith Surprise NEEDS!

Pantry coordinator Maureen shared this story of thoughtful generosity:

“The volunteers at the NEEDS pantry were told to expect a donation from the United Women of Faith from the Church of the Saviour, but they never could have expected two full carloads of items — all carefully loaded into new, reusable grocery bags. The bags themselves were a great donation, as our packers are continually running out of bags and boxes. 

We were further amazed when we found out that NEEDS was just one of five pantries to which the group donated. What a tribute to the group’s dedication and generosity!”

You can help too! Learn more here:

Current Pantry Needs

The NEEDS pantry provides food to hundreds of people each month. You can help by donating some of our most-needed items!

Our current top needs are men’s and women’s deodorantlaundry detergent, and feminine hygiene products.

Other much-needed items are listed below.

Canned Food:
Sweet potatoes / yams
Bean with bacon soup
Mixed vegetables
Pasta sauce

Other Nonperishable Food:
Hamburger and Tuna Helper (or generic versions)
Packaged pasta side dishes
Packaged rice mixes
Packaged potato mixes

Home and Personal Care Items:
Paper towels
Toilet paper
Baby wipes
Women’s Depends (or generic), size S/M
Diapers (sizes 4 and 7)