Fill the Truck 2023

NEEDS’ pantry coordinators shared their excitement for Fill The Truck 2023:

“Once again, NEEDS will be a beneficiary of Frame USA’s annual Fill The Truck charitable initiative — its largest charitable effort and one of the biggest drives for NEEDS each year.

What is Fill The Truck? In December 2010, Frame USA’s CEO, Dan Regenold, had a vision: to fill an entire 53-foot semi for a local charity. He knew this would be his biggest charitable project and he would need a team to assist him. He built a team of packers, donation collectors, marketing professionals, and more to help coordinate this massive event in under 30 days. By the end of December that year, Frame USA ended up needing a second truck because they over-filled their semi by 7%.

The truck didn’t stop there. To Dan, the truck represented hope, life, and a second chance for people within his community who were down on their luck. In the last 13 years, Fill The Truck has grown to collect over 50,000 items at multiple locations throughout greater Cincinnati. It also accepts cash donations. This year, it has partnered with 12 different businesses and corporate partners to benefit seven local charities — AND NEEDS IS ONE OF THEM!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Frame USA, for your Fill The Truck initiative. Your efforts support ours in meeting the emergency needs of our neighbors.”

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