NEEDS Regular Gives Back

Pantry coordinator Maureen recently shared this wonderful story:

“Elizabeth has been coming to the NEEDS pantry for quite a while. She’s a busy woman, volunteering regularly and raising her two granddaughters. She used to come for groceries and tote them home in a stroller. But recently, she acquired a three-wheel bike that enables her to carry more. She’s always cheerful and friendly, and often offers to help pantry volunteers with their tasks.

In talking about her family, Elizabeth told us that she’s one of 12 children. Imagine being part of such a large family! One day when she arrived, she told us that her mother had just passed. She told a few family stories and said how much she missed her mom.

Elizabeth hardly expected to inherit anything, but found that her mother had left her some money. She immediately came to the pantry and said that she wanted to give a gift to NEEDS with some of her inheritance, as we had helped her get through some hard times. Imagine our surprise when Elizabeth pulled up on her bike and gave us a very generous check in support of NEEDS!

The expression ‘paying it forward’ can sound trendy and nice. But when someone who’s known need gives with gratitude and generosity, it adds a truly special meaning to the expression.

Thank you SO much, Elizabeth!”

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