We Only Know His First Name

In order to provide food and emergency assistance to our clients, NEEDS relies heavily on donations from churches and other organizations. But as one regular donor demonstrates, individual contributors can also make a tremendous impact!

One of our most faithful donors is named Will. We don’t know his last name (he chooses not to share it), but we do know that he is an expert at maximizing discounts with coupons! Every few weeks, Will loads up his car with food for the NEEDS pantry, from cases of canned tomatoes and potatoes to more hot sauce than the average restaurant keeps on hand. And Will doesn’t just donate food – he also helps to supply personal care items like shampoo. Will even donates cases of feminine hygiene products, which are among the most expensive (and essential) items for the NEEDS pantry to stock. Will often says “This is the last time,” but he keeps coming back with much-needed food and supplies.

NEEDS is incredibly grateful to Will and the other donors who support us in meeting the needs of our community. Thank you!

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